Revolutionary Technology's computer forensics services, also known as digital forensics, use a unique combination of science and tech support practices. At Revolutionary Technology our forensic examiners use active and non-active data as well as system-generated information - such as log files and registry entries - on computer systems to go back in time and view an accurate history how a computer system was used and when.

Would you like to avoid the hassle of disassembling your PC and hauling it to a repair shop every time it needs service-only to wait a week or more to get it back? Revolutionary Technology will come directly to your business to solve your computer troubles right on the spot. Simply call us to select an appointment time to fit your schedule. We offer same-day, emergency, and 24-hour service.

Virtualization and cloud computing require the expertise and guidance of an experienced Virtual Network & Cloud services provider. Revolutionary Technology understands and utilizes the full potential of cloud computing. Our technicians migrate your old network from servers into virtualized environments using new server hardware and equipment.  Revolutionary Technology’s virtualization & cloud services create strategies based on client-specific business goals and resources. Our virtual network & cloud administration services provide an individual network strategy that moves your organization from pilot to production, allowing you to evaluate all of the deployment options, including public clouds, private clouds, and hybrid clouds, for all types of cloud service offerings, including IaaS (infrastructure as a service), PaaS (platform as a service) and SaaS (software as a service).

Choose Revolutionary Technology as your virtualization & cloud company partner, you’ll receive expert guidance to move into the cloud and achieve extraordinary results. Revolutionary Technology's virtualization & cloud management services consulting include the following:

  • Project Preparedness Assessment (business strategy, proof of concept, quick wins)
  • Infrastructure and application assessment (high-level business case, technical proof of concept)
  • Migration Planning (full business case, proof of concept)
  • Hardware and Software Purchasing
  • Installation and Setup
  • Training

Cyber-attacks are occurring daily in our digital world and no one is safe, not even the federal government. Many organizations claim to be security experts with methods to protect enterprise systems, but International corporate espionage attacks continue to escalate as do attacks within highly protected systems and databases. In many cases, enterprise organizations hire "security experts" who end up compromising the very systems they were hired to protect.

Nation-States, hackers, intelligence-gathering adversaries, and even kiddie-scripters have caused severe damage to our information and security infrastructures as widely reported in national and international media. 

Organizations are unsuccessfully spending billions of dollars on products and services from suppliers/consultants claiming network intrusions and organizational risk will be minimized or fully mitigated. But risk factors have layers of variable change in support of each enterprise infrastructure compiled of people, processes, and technology.

Poor security policy practices and staff experience, and lack of knowledge give hackers the opportunities they seek every day. Everything from poorly designed and implemented hardware, and software applications giving way to the release of malicious code to poorly designed and managed information systems put your organization at risk. 

Virtual Network & Cloud Management Benefits

With over 100,000 hours of experience in providing virtual infrastructure and software services forenterprise organizations and as a full virtual network & cloud computing company provider, Revolutionary Technology offers clients strategic consulting on migrating to cloud computing. We answer the “what,” “how,” “why” and “when.” Revolutionary Technology's Virtual Datacenter & Cloud Administration services include the following:

  • Industry connections to all business and technology aspects of cloud computing
  • Briefing of the risks, benefits and implications of cloud computing to your specific organization
  • Expert advice and recommendations on cloud computing & Virtual Infrastructure adoption
  • Easy to understand migration plan
  • Full implementation support
  • High return on investment

Cloud consulting services features

Revolutionary Technology has developed our virtualization & cloud managed services to remove the complexity surrounding cloud computing and provide clear direction on the revenue it can bring to your specific organization. Key features of our virtualization &cloud consulting include the following.